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Files of the taught courses by the group HSP Digital

Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro

      Hardware-Software co-design Files

  1. list_01.m         Example funtions "window" and "freqz"
  2. list_02.m          Example function "fir1"
  3. list_03.m          Example function "filter"
  4. list_04.m          Example function "cheb2"
  5. list_05.m          Example function "cheby2" and "filter"
  6. list_06.m          Example function "wfilters"
  7. list_07.m          Example function "wavedec"
  8. list_08.m          Example function "fft" and "abs"
  9. list_09.m          Example of ROM-coefficients VHDL file automatic generation.

          Motion Dynamics Software

      Motion dynamics tool V1.0

      Experimental System for Teaching Induction Motor Faults 


Master Degree

  1. Circuitos Lógicos

  2. HSP
  3. Procesamiento Avanzado de Señales
  4. Filtrado Adaptivo

  5. Sistemas Digitales


  1. Electrónica Digital I

  2. Electrónica Digital II
  3. Sistemas Digitales
  4. Señales y Sistemas I

  5. Circuitos Integrados Lineales I